Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the hunts work?

Simple. We give you a question with a direction, and you follow the directions and answer the question. Easy Peasy.

Is the hunt a race?

No, it’s not a race. The winning team is the one that gets the highest score from answering the questions in the allotted time.

Will I win a million dollars or any prize at all?

You’re so funny. No, you will play for the glory of winning and having fun, and a small token for your effort and your picture on our Facebook page. But thanks for asking!

Is the hunt handicapped accessible?

The hunt might be played by someone pushing a stroller, using crutches or a cane or a player requiring wheelchair assistance; however, it would not be suitable for guests with severe mobility issues.

Do I need a car or bike for the hunt?

No. The hunt is walking mainly on Commercial street and its side streets. The hunt itself takes roughly 2 hours.

What should I wear for the hunt?

Definitely wear comfortable walking footwear. As for the rest of your outfit, it’s Cape Cod, you can wear what anyone else would on Commercial Street, just wear something as the hunt does not permit nudity! There are no bag checks, so you must carry anything you bring.

How many people can be on each team?

Teams can exist of 2 players or as many as 6. If you have more than 6 players, we can break your team into smaller groups, but we’ll work it out. Teams must stay together during the hunt.

Are public bathrooms available?

Yes, at the center of town and the public library as marked.

What ages are recommended for the hunt?

Ages 8 and up. Reading skills and a sense of humor are a must! There must be at least one adult 18 or older per team.

Would a smartphone be helpful during the hunt?

Only to take photos as souvenirs! Uncle Google will not be of any help with your answers.

Are starting and ending locations the same?


How do I purchase tickets?

You must purchase tickets through the link on this website. You cannot buy tickets from the host at the beginning of the tour as there are NO CASH or in-person purchase. Once purchased your tickets will be emailed to you. We will also have a record of your purchase.



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